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"Ninja Book" is the ultimate visual guide to the world of the ninja.

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Along with humorous illustrations, the book reveals various genealogies of the ninja, including their history, ninjutsu, and tool usage. The book also includes a special interview with Masaaki Hatsumi, a modern-day ninja and founder of the Bujinkan. Along with Mr. Hatsumi's valuable words, you will be able to learn about the ninja way of life and way of thinking.

This book contains over 250 pages of information and over 250 illustrations. The wealth of information and humorous visuals stimulate the imagination, a feature that makes the world of the ninja more accessible to the reader. Through historical references and the words of actual ninja, the book offers valuable lessons for today's society, and the wisdom, perseverance, strategy, and flexibility of the ninja will guide you in your real life. Let's embark on a journey of exploration and learning in the world of the ninja.

Supported Languages
English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Japanese

NinjaBook Contents List
Chapter 1: History
Chapter 2: Lifestyle
Chapter 3: Tools
Chapter 4: Ninjutsu
Chapter 5: Ninja in History
Chapter 6: Mysteries
Chapter 7: Tales
Chapter 8: Special Interview - Masaaki Hatsumi
Chapter 9: Editor's note & credit

Title : Ninja Book
Fee type: Paid application

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