2007年4月に公開されたポイント&クリック型 WEBブラウザゲーム。
奇妙で独特の世界観と様々なギミック、インタラクションが魅力の作品。 公開後、多くのメディア、雑誌等に掲載され話題となる。
2009年にガンホーゲームズよりiPhone, iPodTouch版アプリとして移植、発売された。

Makibishi Comic is a point-and-click web browser game released in April 2007.
With its strange and unique worldview, various gimmicks, and interactions, it became a hot topic after its release, appearing in many media and magazines. Created as a self-promotion, this work has won many domestic and international advertising awards.
In 2009, it was ported and released as an application for iPhone and iPodTouch by Gungho Games.

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[ Project Member ]
Programmer : Shinnosuke Kumazawa
Illustrator : Shintaro Uchiyama